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Get ready to experience the magic of horse breeding and training activities to make them win competitions.

Howrse allows avid horse lovers to manage the best horses through various tasks and professional duties. A must have game for horse lovers.

Avid horse lovers can really channelize their passion via Howrse, which is essentially a fun-filled browser game where you deal with your own equestrian centre. You get to manage the best horses and provide effective training so that they can take part in big competitions.

Howrse is a free browser game where you can initiate the game by starting off with your own first pony. You get to provide all the facilities to the pony such as feeding, training and keep a progressive watch on the developments. Good caring abilities will ensure that the pony eventually turns into a full grown powerful horse that is ready to take part in competitions. As a player you should focus on allowing the horse to develop to its full potential.

The horse you breed takes part in competitions and during the competitions the abilities of the horse are tested. Your rankings as a successful breeder in the game move up every time the horse wins a competition. Players can impart their full focus on breeding one horse or take responsibilities of a whole stable and then proceed to provide all the care and training. As a breeder you will have to create training programs that will increase the skills and competition winning abilities of horses.

The equestrian centre has to be created bit by bit and every element such as stables and meadows have to be added by the player. There are complete administration responsibilities that have to be taken care. Diligent and hard working support staff has to be employed which ensures that training activities are carried out in a smooth manner. A number of professional works are also available for players. One can try out playing a riding instructor, veterinary doctor, stable boy and other professional roles. The game play experience is fantastic and the sense of managing the entire setup for training the horse and making them win competitions has been well crafted out. You don?t have to be of a certain age group to enjoy the game. Horse lovers are bound to remain hooked to this beautiful free browser game that creates a genuine sense of ownership.

Howrse has been created in a manner that the overall game play fun seems to increase exponentially as you spend more and more time dealing with the activities that are provided. Overall game layout has been designed in a highly logical manner and taking part in horse management activities is a sure shot fun filled time pass.

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